Vietnam Travel Cost Guide in 2023

Vietnam is a famous country with cheap travel costs

Vietnam is a charming country with beautiful beaches, ancient temples and delicious food, attracting more and more travelers to explore. However, when planning a trip to Vietnam, many people often worry about Vietnam travel costs and do not know how to arrange travel expenses. Don’t worry, this article will provide you with the budget and money-saving tips for traveling in Vietnam in 2023, so that you can travel in Vietnam easily and experience the colorful culture and cuisine of Vietnam . Let’s take a look at these money-saving tips!

Vietnam is a famous country with cheap travel costs
Vietnam is a famous country with cheap travel costs

Vietnam flight prices – Vietnam travel cost

Airfare will depend on many factors: departure place, travel time, airline,…

How to buy cheap air tickets?

Can be done by:

  • Book in advance: Book tickets in advance to enjoy lower prices. It is generally recommended to book at least 1-2 months in advance to save Vietnam travel costs for airfare.
  • Pay attention to booking time: airfares tend to be higher on weekends and holidays, and it is recommended to avoid booking during these times.
  • Compare different airlines: Prices can vary widely between airlines, and you can save money by comparing prices across airlines.
  • Subscribe to newsletters: Many airlines send promotional information to customers through newsletters, which can be subscribed to keep abreast of promotional information.
Airfare will depend on many factors: departure place, travel time, airline,...
Airfare will depend on many factors: departure place, travel time, airline,…

When buying air tickets, you need to pay attention to the following

Pay attention to the refund and change policy: Different airlines and ticket types may have different refund and change policies. It is recommended to read the relevant terms carefully before purchasing.

Pay attention to flight time and connecting time: confirm whether the flight time and connecting time are appropriate, so as not to affect the travel itinerary.

In short, choosing the right booking time and airline, and paying attention to related matters can help you save Vietnam travel costs best.

Vietnam travel cost – hotel fees

Vietnam is a country rich in tourism resources, attracting many tourists to explore. In addition to air tickets, accommodation costs are also one of the unavoidable expenses in travel. The hotel fees in Vietnam are relatively affordable, and there are obvious differences in room rates from one-star to five-star hotels.

The hotel fees in Vietnam are relatively affordable
The hotel fees in Vietnam are relatively affordable

The nightly price of a double room in a one-star to three-star economy hotel is between $50 and $100, while the nightly price of a four- to five-star luxury hotel is between $150 and $500. If you want to book cheap hotels, you can book in advance through booking websites or travel platforms, so that you can not only enjoy more favorable prices, but also choose more accommodation options. In addition, if you want to save on accommodation costs during your travels, you can also choose backpackers or youth hostels, which are relatively more affordable.

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Dining costs in Vietnam

Vietnam is famous for its food, and the cost of dining varies from city to city. The average daily food and beverage cost is about $15 to$25, depending on the restaurant you choose and the dining time. The following is a reference list of food and beverage costs in Vietnam for each person:

  • Breakfast: $5-10
  • Lunch: $15-25
  • Dinner: $15-25
  • Coffee shop: $10-15
Vietnamese food is diverse and affordable
Vietnamese food is diverse and affordable

Vietnam travel costs for transportation

Vietnam is a vibrant country, and traveling across the country from north to south requires a certain amount of transportation costs. There are many types of transportation in Vietnam, including airlines, trains, buses and taxis. When traveling in Vietnam, you may need to use these vehicles frequently, so it is important to know Vietnam travel costs.

Train: Vietnam trains are a comfortable, inexpensive option, and the journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City takes about 30 hours. The fare is around $30-70, depending on the seat class you choose and the class of the train.

Bus: Vietnam’s bus system is very developed, covering all parts of the country. In the city, public transport is the cheapest form of transportation, with a fare of only 1 to 2 dollars. However, the buses are often crowded, and you need to pay attention to your belongings and safety.

Taxi: In Vietnam, a taxi is a more convenient option, but you need to pay attention to the reasonable price. The usual way to charge taxis is by meter. The starting fare is about $4-6, and the price per kilometer is about $5-7. It is recommended to use some reputable taxi companies such as Grab or Mai Linh Taxi.

In addition, many tourists choose to rent motorbikes to freely travel in Vietnam. Motorbike rental prices are usually from $10-15/day depending on the type of vehicle and the length of your rental. This is a quite popular means of transport for foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam. However, when choosing this vehicle, you need to consider ensuring your safety.

Many tourists choose to rent motorbikes to freely travel in Vietnam
Many tourists choose to rent motorbikes to freely travel in Vietnam

5 Ways to Reduce Travel Costs in Vietnam

Vietnam is a glamorous travel destination, but it can also be a budget destination. Here are five ways to lower your Vietnam travel costs:

Select the tourist off-season

The off-season is usually outside the peak tourist season, if you can travel in the off-season, you can enjoy more benefits and discounts. In addition, off-season travel allows you to avoid crowds and queues.

Select the tourist off-season to save Vietnam travel cost
Select the tourist off-season to save Vietnam travel cost

Choose a more affordable accommodation to save Vietnam travel cost

In Vietnam, you can choose to stay in youth hostels, backpacker hostels or apartments, which are generally less expensive and offer basic accommodation. You can also look up coupon codes on the site for even better deals.

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Local restaurants

To save Vietnam travel costs, you can choose to dine at local restaurants, which usually serve authentic Vietnamese food at a more affordable price than international restaurants.

Choose local restaurant
Choose local restaurant

Using local transportation

In Vietnam, you can use the local public transport system such as buses, taxis or motorbikes. These options are less expensive and allow you to experience the local culture more deeply.

Choose Freelance

If you want to explore Vietnam more freely, independent travel may be a better choice. Free travel allows you to arrange your itinerary more flexibly, and it can also reduce the cost of middlemen.

In summary, if you want to reduce the cost of traveling in Vietnam, you can do so by choosing low-season travel, more affordable accommodation, local restaurants, local transportation, and free travel. In addition, you can also use credit cards or coupons to get more discounts

If you travel to Vietnam, how much money should you bring?

A tourist once stayed in Vietnam alone for a month and spent more than $6,000. $15,000 should be more than enough to stay in Vietnam for two months. If you save a little, you can stay for three or four months. Of course, I am talking about one person. Vietnam travel costs should be very cost-effective. The prices in Vietnam are very low, and the folk customs are simple, so it is worth visiting.

$15,000 can completely stay in Vietnam for more than two months, of course it depends on your consumption level. Generally speaking, Vietnam’s consumption is not high.

Vietnam Travel Costs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the currency of Vietnam? What currencies can we use locally?

The currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong. You can use Vietnamese Dong or US dollars locally, but local currency is recommended as paying in foreign currency will incur additional fees.

What is our average daily travel cost in Vietnam?

The average daily travel cost in Vietnam depends on your budget and travel style. If you stay in an affordable restaurant, eat local food, and use local transportation, it will cost around $10 to $15 per day.

How can we reduce Vietnam travel costs?

There are many ways to reduce the cost of Vietnam travel, such as staying in a homestay or backpacker hostel, choosing local restaurants, using local transportation, etc. Plus, you can save by using coupon codes on travel sites or by earning travel credits.

How much do food and drinks cost in Vietnam?

Food and drinks are relatively cheap in Vietnam. Meals at local restaurants cost around $10-15 per person. If you prefer coffee or tea, the price is around $5-10 per cup.

Do we need to buy travel insurance in Vietnam?

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance in Vietnam in case the unexpected happens. Travel insurance protects your health and belongings, including medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, and more. The cost of travel insurance depends on your insurance plan and the length of your trip.

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